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August 01 - Children of Men

Every Saturday at 7pm IST. Join https://t.me/fucmovienight to know more.

F.U.C Movie buffs from all corners of the universe, get together at 6:55 pm(IST), keep staring at their phones, waiting for the movie name and the movie link. TING. It appears. At 7 pm, everyone starts watching that movie.

The movie ends, and we all hop on to an exclusive LIVE online interaction about the movie with special guests. And then we sleep. And then we wait for an entire week, for another Saturday night, for another movie to watch together, and we repeat the same process all over again and again and again.

Excited? Want to be part of it?

It’s very simple, get on to the Telegram App, and Join the “F.U.C Movie Night” Channel - https://t.me/fucmovienight
Unmute the Channel and keep the Notifications ON. That’s it.

F.U.C - Filmmakers United Club - A Film Club for Filmmakers and Audiences to Watch Films - Learn Films - Make Films.

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