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Surya is a soldier in the Indian Army who suffers from anger management issues and dreams of being posted at the LOC. After getting into a brawl at a local club and attacking Inspector Himanshu Negi and stealing the latter's gun, Surya uses it to shoot dead a terrorist right when the officer comes to ask for the gun from Surya's senior Col. Sanjay Shrivastav. Surya's dreams are now shattered after being court martialled for indisciplinary action. His godfather requests Shrivastav to give Surya a final chance. Shrivastav agrees on the condition that Surya gets a signature of approval from the country's top psychologist and the Dean of the Institution of Psychology and Foreign Languages, Dr. Rama Krishna Raju, who happens to be Surya's estranged father.

In order to fulfill his dream of going to the border, Surya agrees, taking up home with a passport officer named Kishore, who has been waiting for a year for a similar signature from Raju. Upon meeting, Surya and Raju refuse to acknowledge each other, and Raju questions Surya's personal life. Surya reveals to Raju about his relationship with Varsha, whom he broke up with when she distanced him on finding of his profession and his disrespecting her uncle. Surya gets frustrated, in turn accusing Raju of enjoying himself on listening to Surya's failures. Raju then reveals about Surya to the entire university.

Surya then takes up a challenge from Raju to control his anger for three weeks and not cause any fights from the following day. He, however, beats up a young gangster when the latter makes a commotion in the middle of the road, who is revealed to be the son of a dreaded gangster Challa, the very day before the challenge is to start, as a final fight. In the following days, Surya encounters several situations with Challa and his men; however, being able to control his anger and even becoming used to living within the society have reformed.

However, things take a turn when Surya ends up as the sole witness of the murder of Mustafa in the hands of Challa's son, over a property dispute. He keeps quiet about this, as he learns from the society. However, he is guilt-tripped when Police Officer Krishna Kumar, who was investigating Mustafa's murder, addresses him as someone who made a great impact on the latter's life. Meanwhile, Surya reconciles with his father, returns to his family, makes up with Varsha, and seemingly has won the challenge. However, he addresses his mistake publicly and refuses to take the signature. Having completely realized his error, Surya attacks and kidnaps Challa's son, asking Challa to help him find Mustafa's son Anwar, who expressed his hatred against the nation, which he believes did not recognize his father's sacrifices or death and left his home. Surya fears that Anwar may follow a wrong path, and both he and Challa set off on a mission to recover Anwar.

On finding Anwar in Mumbai, Surya makes him realize his mistake and warns him not to take the wrong route in life, after which Anwar shows his care for his nation. Surya receives Raju's signature, and a few months later, he is shown to be standing at the border hoisting the Indian Flag.
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